July 7, 2011

Jedi Juice Pops

i made these the other day from the star wars cookbook of course they are easily made with a dixie cup and sticks. i find these are the easiest way next to Popsicle molds which annoy me. thinkgeek has fake lightsaber pop molds they use for a April fools joke. when you go to buy them it says April fools lol. i would totally buy them if they were real of course.

any fresh fruit or frozen (such as strawberries,bananas,oranges or grapes cut into chunks.)
fruit juice such as cranberry,apple,lemonade,or orange juice. (i used OJ)

1. put fruit on the bottom of pop molds or paper cups
for the paper cups i put foil over the top and put the stick through so it would stay in while freezing. or you can wait to push them in the cups.
2. freeze for 2 hours or more.

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