January 19, 2012

Deployment Is Over...Finally!

As most of you know my husband has been deployed for 11 months he finally came home on December 29th around 9pm we took this photo with our crappy old cell phone so sorry for the blurriness it was so crazy so we could get more photos! I'm so happy hes back we have been so busy they had him have off for a few days so as hes back i will be on hiatus, we will be visiting FL for a month in February i will be making sure i take tons of photos! i hope everyone is having a great new year!

In formation my husband is in the 2nd row towards the end. 

I'm at the top middle row left looking very annoyed and anxious while waiting lol

got our 1st new car this pass week,we have always had very old cars. We got a 2010 Ford Focus in blue we named it Bloosa our Aunt Sandy came up with that one since our cat is named Goosa lol.

gym junkies


  1. From someone who spends a few months every year in Afghanistan, WELCOME HOME to your husband!

  2. Aw!! You guys are cute!! I'm so happy he's home. Be safe while you're traveling!!

  3. I'm so glad he got home!! I prayed for his safety every day. Such a darling couple. Enjoy your time in Florida and be safe!!

  4. :) Thanks for the shoutout!! Can't wait to see you!!!!! xo

  5. So happy for you! Kudos to your hubby for serving our country and to you for being his support system!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  6. aww yay! so glad he's safe!

    did you deactivate your tumblr btw?

  7. Welcome home to him!

    You'll love Florida! The weather has been so nice here over the last few months. Today is gorgeous!

    xoMadeline Grace

    1. oh yes we lived in FL for 24 yrs our whole family lives there my inlaws live about 4 hours away from my parents so its perfect for block leave!

  8. Aww I love it! And Bloosa is a totally perfect name, haha


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